Crystal Cave

St. Herman's Blue Hole

90 USD per Person


Discover the crystal cave at St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park on a full-day tour.  A breath taking experience!  At the crystal cave, those brave enough to take the tour in the undeveloped cave rooms will crawl through cracks and crevices, make it through and behold spectacular cave formations that your claustrophobic friends will never see.\nCrystal cave is visited by a number of tourists every year – attracting people seeking a rare glimpse of fascinating underground world. Caves played a very important role in the ancient Maya culture as they considered caves to be a supernatural realm where their deities and ancestors resided. Caves were the portal between the tangible human world and the invisible world of the gods, a place called xibalba. It was here that the Mayas performed their most sacred rituals and ceremonies.\n

What to Bring

  •  Long pants
  • Hiking shoes
  • Bug repellant
  • Camera
  • Back pack or bag

Tour Includes

  • Necessary equipment
  • Cave tour
  • Lunch
  • Park entrance fee
  • Swimming at Inland Blue Hole

Note: Transportation can be arranged to and from the place you are staying

Tour Duration

  • Full-day tour (approximately 6 hrs)
  • The tour starts with a 1 hour hike through the jungle.
  • You will then spend about 4-5 hours or more inside the cave.
  • This tour is led by experienced guides who provide interesting information on the geology of the formations & cave history.

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