Belize Inland Tours

About Us

After working for over 9 years with well-known companies such as Cave Branch Jungle Lodge & Jaguar Paw Resort, Omar Deras and Elmer Medrano, a.k.a. Neko, came together to offer you their licensed Belize tour operator services at the lowest rates possible. They wanted to offer private tours away from the hustle & bustle of  all the cruise ship passengers.

In Belize there are only two parks where cave tubing can be done: St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park and Nohoch che’en Archaeological Reserve.

Nohoch che’en Archaeological Reserve better known as caves branch archaeological reserve or Jaguar Paw is very popular due to the amount of cruise ship passengers going on cave tubing excursions there. Jaguar Paw is more for cruise ship passengers. To be more specific on a cruise ship day you will find at least 3,000 people going cave tubing. Depending on the amount of ships at the port, it can be lot more. Even on what is considered a slow day you will find about 100 tourists floating. That does not apply to us at Belize Inland Tours. We offer Belize cave tubing away from the crowds.

Belize Inland Tours is your door way to this jewel called Belize; Omar, Neko and their set of tour guides will be your host as you visit our different destinations.

Belize Inland tours is based at St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, one of most visited parks in Belize located at mile 42 on the Hummingbird Highway, just 12 miles away from the Capital Belmopan.  If you are coming from Belmopan and going toward the beaches, either Hopkins or Placencia you will find us on the right hand side of the highway.  If you are coming the opposite way you will find us on the left hand side of the high way.